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                                                                                                                       September 18 Rem Center 11:45

Jennifer Wilcox

Assistant Professor of Energy Resources Engineering

School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University

Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Storage for Climate Change Mitigation

 ABSTRACT: Carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere and its permanent storage involve a portfolio of techniques, some more intrusive and more speculative than others, aimed at reducing further global warming. The scale by which CO2 must be mitigated worldwide dwarfs the existing chemical industry, making utilization of COas a chemical feedstock a minor component of the portfolio of mitigation options. Carbon capture and storage is one strategy that could potentially mitigate gigatons of COemissions per year, provided geological storage of CO2 is feasible. The scale and energy requirements associated with CO2 separation processes will be presented. Strategies based upon adsorption and catalytic membrane separation processes in particular, will be of focus, as will reliable storage.

Jennifer Wilcox is an assistant professor of Energy Resources Engineering and head of the Clean Conversion Laboratory in the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University.  She is also an affiliate faculty member in the Emmet Interdisciplinary Program for the Environment and Resources. She received an NSF Career Award in 2005 and the Army Research Office Young Investigator Award in 2009. Her research efforts include sorbent design and testing for carbon and trace metal capture from fossil fuels, adsorption studies of CO2 on coal and gas shales, and membrane design for N2 and Hseparations. Wilcox earned a BA in mathematics from Wellesley College and an MA in physical chemistry and a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Arizona. She recently authored the first textbook on Carbon Capture. In addition, she has served on several study groups including the American Physical Society to the National Academy of Sciences to investigate CO2 mitigation and adaptation strategies.

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Mid-Maine Global Forum is pleased to offer this program on

Thursday, September 18 at our regular venue,

The REM Center: 93 Main Street, Waterville

Tuesday, October 28

11:30 lunch, 12 pm program

Professor George Markowsky

The Leeke-Shaw Lecture at the Margaret Chase Smith Library

Professor George Markowsky is at the  University of Maine  and the “Bangor Forum.” He will talk about cyber warfare.

Details to be announced as the program is finalized.

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 November 18

REM Center, Waterville 12:00 pm

Clare Byarugaba, this year’s Oak Fellow at Colby College, will be speaking about her human rights work in her country. More details of her talk will be posted when the information is available.

December 8

In conjunction with Rotary, Alfond Center

12 noon

Dr. Dransfield, Physicians for Social Responsibility will speak at the Rotary meeting in the Alfond Center.

Details to be posted when available.