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   Our Fall Programs:

September 23

12 noon (location to be determined)

Professor Paul Josephson

“Putin, Putinism and Russian-American Relations”?

       Russia annexed Crimea and began a proxy war in eastern Ukraine a few months later.  Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has cracked down on democratic institutions, rapidly increased military spending, and engaged in an old-style propaganda war with the west.  While the Russian economy is cratering, Putin’s popularity remains high among citizens.  In this talk, Paul Josephson will analyze Putin’s policies and programs, especially as they have an impact on relations with the United States.

Paul Josephson, a specialist on the former Soviet Union, teaches history and history of science and technology at Colby College.  Fluent in Russian, he travels to Russia and Ukraine several times a year for research and lectures.

Lunch and registration details to be announced soon.   

 Thursday, October 1

Leekes-Shaw Lecture

Margaret Chase Smith

Denise Vaillancourt

Denise is an expert on international health who has worked for the World Bank and other organizations.

More details will be posted soon, as will information about registration and lunch options.

Colby College’s Oak Fellow, Jodi Koberinski, will be speaking in November on a date to be determined.

Monday, November 30

Roger Launius

12 noon Alfond Center

in conjunction with the Waterville Rotary

Roger Launius is the Associate Director of the Air and Space Museum.

Details about this talk and registration will be posted soon.