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Unless otherwise announced, our programs will downtown in the Chace Center in Colby’s  building on Maine Street.

The next Forum program:


November 13

Chace Center, Maine Street Waterville

12 noon, lunch available at 11:30

Colby Professor Patrice Franko

“Brazil: Still the Country of the Future?”

Franko, Patrice M.

Patrice Franko, a specialist in development economics in Latin America, came to Colby in 1986. She teaches classes in the economics of globalization, contemporary economic development in Latin America, and in microeconomics principles. She has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Brazil (2012/2013), was a AAAS fellow in 1990 and a Pew Faculty fellow in 1992. She has been active as a consultant to Georgia Tech’s Executive Masters in International Logistics, the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies and the National Academy of Sciences. The fourth edition of her text book, The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Development, will be released in 2015. She is currently working on  a project on defense industrialization in Brazil and a new book  The Economics of Globalization (with Stephen Stamos). Patrice is married to Government Professor Sandy Maisel. 

Current Research

The Defense Trilemma: Tradeoffs in Defense Modernization in Latin America


          Carlos Jose Albano Amarante and Patrice Franko, “Defense Transformation in Latin America: Will it transform the technological base?” 
     “Hard to Pick Fruit: Transforming the Landscape of Poverty in Brazil,” Chap. 13 in Latin America in the World, Edited by Daniel J. Greenberg, Routledge Press, 2017
      “Brazil,” Chapter 16 in The Routledge Handbook of Global Economic Thought 
        The Strategic Implications of FTAA2005 is a look at the strategic
implications of the Free Trade for the Americas.
   In The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Development Franko provides the basic economic tools for understanding problems facing Latin America. She explores the contradictions of growth as it relates to overcoming problems of poverty, health and discrimination. By exploring the difficult choices facing Latin American leaders, Franko gives readers background to understand the puzzle of how to sustain healthy growth in this region.

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