Hutch Brown

Hutch Brown was cameraman and still photographer for the historic first complete exploration and navigation of the Mekong River. In addition to the thrill of the adventure, Hutch gained an awareness of the Mekong Cascade hydropower scheme and the environmental and social impact on the area. This adventure was the basis for the film, Mekong: Exploring the Mother of Waters, co-directed by Australian Mick O’Shea and native Waterville explorer Brian Eustis.

Brown hails from Maine, and first cut his teeth in the wide world of adventure by through-hiking the Appalachian Trail when he was 18, way back in 1987. Hutch graduated from Marlboro College in Vermont with a BA in American Literature. He became a registered Maine Guide, working on rivers in Maine, New York and West Virginia before his travels and work led him to Chile, Bulgaria, New Zealand, and Laos.

Hutch led Explorer’s Corner first descent expedition into the Kahmmuane Cave in Laos in 2004. In 2006 Hutch and eight other paddlers made the first descent of the Yalong Jiang, a tributary of the Yangtzee in northern Sichuan Province, China. The team paddled 160 miles of class IV and V water to finish a stretch of the Yalong, a section which will soon be underwater due to dam construction. In 2009 Hutch co-produced the film Adelle, a feature length, independent art-house thriller.