Grace Akallo

Grace Akallo says “I was born and raised in a family of three sisters and one brother in a small village of Kaberikale in the district Kaberamaido, Uganda. After helping my mother in the field I would walk 10 Miles to and from Elementary school. I went to St Mary’s college, a high school for girls away from home in another small village called Aboke, in the Lira District in Uganda.

In 1996 I was dragged away from school to Sudan by the brutal rebel group who had been fighting against the government of Uganda and the people of Uganda since 1986. After a lot of suffering and torture I escaped back to safety and went back to St Mary’s college.

In 2002 I joined Uganda Christian University, a Christian College in Uganda. After two year at Uganda Christian University I transferred to Gordon College where I have just received my Undergraduate degree in communication. During my school year at Gordon I did my internship at World Vision, a Christian organization that helps children in different parts of the world. Ever since I came to America I have not stopped being a voice for my brothers and sisters, the children of Northern Uganda, who have been denied the warmth and love of their parents and live like animals in the cold with no food to put in their mouths and no shelter to cover them in the cold night.

In 2004 I spoke in front of the Amnesty International Annual Meeting, and I appeared on the Oprah show. In April 2006 I testified in Congress, before the House International Relations — Subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations hosted by Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ) Chairman.”