John Benziger, Michael Klein and Guy Nuki

Pathologist John Benziger works with Partners in Health of Maine to rebuild and improve the health system in the northern Atlantic region of Nicaragua. John’s efforts focus on cervical cancer detection and treatment and the introduction of pathology services in the region.

Emergency medicine physician Michael Klein works with Maine-based Masons on a Mission building efficient wood-burning cook stoves for indigenous Mayan families in Guatemala. These ‘estufas’ replace ‘three stone’ indoor fires that cause much respiratory illness.

Dr. Guy Nuki runs the Himalayan Health Center, a new nonprofit organization that provides medical care to the rural destitute in the Indian Himalayas. The Center grew out of the Himalayan Health Exchange which has been bringing teams of physicians, dentists and students to 6 different locations in the same region since 1996. The goal of both organizations is to provide primary health care to the most remote medically underserved Indians and Tibetan refugees.