Past Season 2006-2007

Friday, September 29th, Dolfine Gumba Dawa on “A Kenyan Response to the AIDS Crisis.” Ms. Dawa, founder of the Korando Faith Widows and Orphan Group, will speak about her work in rural Kenya. The care of orphans is a difficult task that calls for love, discipline, education, and hard work. From making bricks, soap, and pottery to cultivating rice and maize, this African response to AIDS is focused on the basics of survival.

Thursday, October 19th, Robert Rotberg on “The Horn of Africa”. Rotberg, one of a handful of the country’s truly continent-wide experts on Africa, addresses the region that encompasses Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. The area’s complex history, poverty, and instability, and its geographic location near the Middle East make it vulnerable to terrorism and a significant global concern.

Wednesday, November 8th, Joan Umaming Carling, “Dangerous Journey: Tales of an Indigenous Activist”. Carling focuses on the environmental and social impacts of dam and mining projects that are displacing indigenous peoples without their consent, violating their collective rights, and threatening their livelihoods.

Monday, December 4th, John Martin’s Manor, Quil Lawrence on “Accidental Nation Building: The Unintended Consequences of American Policy”. Co-sponsored with the Waterville Rotary Club. Lawrence reports for the PRI/BBC radio news program “The World,” dividing his time between Washington, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Friday, January 5th, 12:00, Christine and Jim Owre on “Nigeria and Malawi: Promoting Economic Reform, Democracy and Social Justice”.This is a free, “brown bag”, bring-your-own-lunch event. No registration required.

Friday, February 16th, Prof John Turner on “Iran, Nuclear Power, and the Bomb”. The Historical context for the Iranian reaction to the U.S. and the international community in the context of the current Middle East predicament. How did we arrive at the current international situation with Iran? How can we explain the behaviour of the Iranian government? Is Iran seeking the bomb? Where is the situation likely to go in the future?

Monday, March 12th, Prof William Moomaw on “A Trajectory for Reducing Our Heat-Trapping Emissions: The 3% Solution”, 11:45 in the Smith-Hurd-Robins Rooms, Roberts building, Colby College. Science calls for a 75-80% reduction in emissions to have a chance of keeping the climate system in bounds and to avoid the worst of the irreversible effects. This is scary. Bill Moomaw has a plan that provides multiple options for individuals, communities, corporations, and national and state governments to develop a strategy for meeting this goal in a timely fashion. There is a major role for the private sector and for institutions to play, and there are surprising numbers that are doing just that. Come learn about some exciting efforts that are underway. This is a free, “brown bag”, bring-your-own lunch event.

Friday, April 13th, Dan Harris on “Iraq”. Harris, anchor of ABC’s “World News Sunday”, will be with us to share his insights on Iraq. His recent broadcast featuring interviews with the young Iraqi Dan Azad caught the attention of Colby Trustee Paul Schupf, who was compelled to sponsor Azad as a student at Thomas College. We are pleased to welcome both Dans, and are looking forward to hearing first-hand accounts of the situation in Iraq.

Thursday, May 10th at 11:30 am, Lawrence High School in Fairfield, “Genocide in Darfur”. A special forum with the participation of students from three area high schools.The keynote speaker, Tom White of the Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies at Keene State University, will address the history of the current situation, including geographic and political causes, as well as what individuals or small groups can do to help. He will be joined by Halima Abdelgadir, of Sudan, and Colby students Lauren Pongan ’09 and Amanda Hilton ’07.

Tuesday, May 29th, Maine Congressman Michael Michaud on “NAFTA” and related issues. Michaud has made economic development a top priority, and recently introduced legislation to create a Northern Border Economic Development Commission. The Commission would invest federal resources for economic development and job creation in the most distressed areas of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York.

Wednesday, August 22nd, “Iraq and Afghanistan: Four Personal Experiences” featuring panelists with on-the-ground experience in Iraq or Afghanistan: Sen Lisa Marrache recently visited the area with Pentagon officials. Dr. Ahmed Aldilaimi, a recent graduate of the Maine Dartmouth Family Practice Residency, is a native of Iraq. Sgt First Class John Knoblach recently completed a tour in Iraq with XVIII Airborne Corps. Master Sgt Douglas Hayes was part of an Engineer Brigade in the eastern part of Afghanistan with the Maine National Guard.